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Tortillas Florales: Better than Flowers and Chocolates! February 1, 2010

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If the first few recipes on this blog are any indication, I really like chocolate. I love flowers as much as the next girl too. However, my dearest 7abibi has really topped himself this time. This Valentine’s Day we’re going to make a pilgrimage to Rivera Restaurant, where Chef John Sedlar works his magic. Insert culinary fan girl squeeeeeee here.

Well, technically not Valentine’s Day, since those tables have been booked for MONTHS (hey, we’re from the midwest – we’re not really up on that whole “reservations” thing). But Valentine’s Eve, 7abibi and I will be ordering Tortillas Florales and enjoying each morsel.

I heard about Tortillas Florales in a restaurant review on a few months ago and kept a picture in my kitchen inspiration bookmarks for ages. Then I stumbled across this video and had to show 7abibi my latest food fetish.

I think my next kitchen utensil purchase might have to be a tortilla press…


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