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Magazine Line Geometry March 6, 2010

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A point on a line takes up no space. Though it exists, it has no area, volume, length nor any other dimensions. It is real, but does not take up dimensional space.

A picture is a recording of a point in time. Though that point in time really happened, the picture refers to a reality that has changed over time. It doesn’t exist anymore in the present.

A commercially produced image does not refer to a point in time. It doesn’t refer to anything that ever existed. It reflects an impossible fantasy not dependent upon the constraints of realty.

So why do we factor them into our equations of reality?

Are these images attractive because of their impossibility?

Or are they attractive because they make the impossible plausible?

An oldy but goody.


One Response to “Magazine Line Geometry”

  1. kim Says:

    I love this campaign. Dove wasn’t afraid to say what everyone knew was true…but Dove said it in such a powerful, meaningful way. Definitely oldie and goodie.

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