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Sorry in Advance March 12, 2010

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The Quileute Wolf Pack Tattoo from New Moon

I understand that movies based on novels require a certain amount of sacrifices to artistic license and format.

I think the insertion of the wolf pack tattoo in the New Moon movie was mainly there to serve as an indicator of association, since the effects and shots needed to make the pack look bigger, buffer, and taller than everyone else would have been time consuming and costly.

At first I kind of liked the tattoo. I even briefly considered getting a t-shirt with the tattoo screen print. It seemed like a low key way to display my Twitardation. It also feels like something of a tradition, as I used to have a t-shirt with an Angelus tattoo on the back in honor of my beloved Angel from BtvS.

Unfortunately, the more I looked at the design, the more I realized it looked less like a wolf and more like…something else. Something that can euphemistically be referred to as “lady bits” or “vajayjay.” Scroll up and look again. I’m not crazy. It totally does.

So now, all I see when I see the wolf tattoo is bunch of dudes with lady bits on their arm. I said sorry in advance, but I’m going to say sorry again.

EDIT! 3/12/10 9:26

Now that I think about it, the wolf/vajayjay tattoo reminds me of a paradox of lycanthropy that’s been bugging me for a while. Werewolves as monsters are generally gendered male, because they’re hairy, muscular, angry, out of control, and dominant. But they’re controlled by the moon (not the Quileute pack, obviously, but SMeyer says they’re shifters, not werewolves). Moon cycles are kind of a girl thing, no? It’s weird that a “male” monster phase could basically be thought of as the worst PMS ever.

Just a bit of something to think about…


7 Responses to “Sorry in Advance”

  1. thoughtleaf Says:

    L.O.L. It does! Omg… Also, good point with the PMS… I might get a little annoying, but I’ve never eaten anyone. 🙂

  2. There are female werewovles in literature and folklore, though, as is generally the case, males come to dominate — same is true of vamps!
    Funny about the tattoo — interesting in terms of the argument that men of color are “feminized” and more overtly sexualized!

    • Have you seen this?

      Click to access etd_emc58.pdf

      I found it while I was googling around for analysis of “Blood and Chocolate” by Annette Curtis Klaus. Really interesting stuff on the subject of female werewolves as both more horrifying than male werewolves as well as how the emergence of more and more female werewolves can be interpreted in cultural context.

  3. […] Some of it is pretty crude. In the words of Buffy, “we’re talking violence, strong language, adult content.” But really, I just can’t help myself. I love me some Twitarded, TwiSoup, Twilight Stonified, and Lady Bits Wolf Tattoos. […]

  4. About the tattoo – OMG! It does look like “lady parts!”

    My novel-in-progress has both male & female werewolves. In fact, one of the main characters is a female werewolf. None of them are controlled by the moon, though – in my fantasy world that’s just a myth that originated way back before electricity.

    • Neat! Best of luck with the novel.

      I feel like there’s a lot of moving and shaking going on in the fantasy world now that it’s moving away from being a geek dudes only world. There’s plenty of female written and driven fantasy coming out and I for one am psyched.

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