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Nicholas Sparks is a Nice Guy (TM) March 19, 2010

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A recent gchat with my dear friend Kimberlyloc
Me: would you see Remember Me with me if I lived in town?
Kimberlyloc: is that the miley cyrus movie?
Me: uh
Me: no
Me: it’s the RPatz/the prego gal from Lost drama movie
Me: I was kind of bumming that I had no one here to see it with and then I realized, I probably had no one anywhere else to see it with either X9
Kimberlyloc: lol
Kimberlyloc: oh yeah
Kimberlyloc: I was thinking of that miley cyrus movie that’s a nicolas sparks book
Kimberlyloc: cant remember name
Me: muahahahahaha
Me: srsly?
Me: does that really exist?
Kimberlyloc: yeah! it looks bad
Me: dude Nicholas Sparks is the commercial equivalent of the Nice Guy ™
Me: and Josh Groban
Kimberlyloc: hehe
Me: seriously! they hang around girls, pretending to like all the things she likes and always be there for her
Me: when really they just want to fuck her (ie take her money over and over) and run

One Response to “Nicholas Sparks is a Nice Guy (TM)”

  1. kimberlyloc Says:

    SO FLIPPIN’ TRUE! Beware the Nicholas Sparks Nice Guys!!!

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