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Nicholas Sparks is a Nice Guy (TM) March 19, 2010

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A recent gchat with my dear friend Kimberlyloc
Me: would you see Remember Me with me if I lived in town?
Kimberlyloc: is that the miley cyrus movie?
Me: uh
Me: no
Me: it’s the RPatz/the prego gal from Lost drama movie
Me: I was kind of bumming that I had no one here to see it with and then I realized, I probably had no one anywhere else to see it with either X9
Kimberlyloc: lol
Kimberlyloc: oh yeah
Kimberlyloc: I was thinking of that miley cyrus movie that’s a nicolas sparks book
Kimberlyloc: cant remember name
Me: muahahahahaha
Me: srsly?
Me: does that really exist?
Kimberlyloc: yeah! it looks bad
Me: dude Nicholas Sparks is the commercial equivalent of the Nice Guy ™
Me: and Josh Groban
Kimberlyloc: hehe
Me: seriously! they hang around girls, pretending to like all the things she likes and always be there for her
Me: when really they just want to fuck her (ie take her money over and over) and run

A Serious PSA About a Frivolous Matter January 30, 2010

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While I did enjoy my trip to the movies last night, the evening was ever so slightly marred by one of our fellow movie patrons. 7abibi and I were seated and chatting about the pre-preview bits when another couple came and sat in the row in front of us.

An almost palpable wave of perfume wafted off the very pretty and charming lady of the couple. I want to stress that she seemed like a nice enough person. She just wanted to smell pretty for her date. And she did smell good. In fact, she was wearing one of my most beloved fragrances, Vera Wang.

She just smelled too much.

I love perfume. Love it. The right perfume can evoke happy memories, unveil your inner sex goddess, and give you the steely wherewithal to swim with the sharks. My dear friend Kimberlyloc and I can and do talk about our favorite perfumes for hours. Heck, she even writes about them in blog posts. Maybe I will too sometime.

However (this is the PSA), it is really important to remember that with perfume less is more. Your perfume should not follow you around like some kind of airborne toxic event. What smells good to you may not smell good to someone else. What smells good does not smell better with increased quantity.

This goes for men too. Dear men, Tag does not make hot chicks hunt you down and tackle you in lusty fervor. Bod spray does not make us think “I want your bod” in a porny squeal. We have indoor plumbing now and body spray does not replace regular bathing.

So, please, for the love of all that is good and right, be considerate with your spritzing. Everyone else in the room thanks you.