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Eclipse Trailer! Wheeeee! March 11, 2010

[SPOILERS! References a scene in the climax of the Eclipse book (but I’ve hidden it in background color text – you’ll have to highlight it to see the spoiler) and includes Eclipse movie trailer.]

I’m too excited to do any real analysis just now. So let me just leave you with this:

  • Edward still looks in dire need of a laxative or a fiber aid…
  • What is on Victoria’s head? I was willing to give Bryce Dallas Howard a try, but I already miss Rachelle Lefevre.
  • Ditto re: Bella’s wig to a lesser extent. Why, oh, why did you cut your hair, Kstew? Is it easier to find a convincing 80’s fashion mullet wig or an attractive long, flowing locks wig? I’m guessing the former.
  • “She found us!”… I seriously hope this refers to the whole Edward/Victoria duel scene [highlight select if you want to see the spoiler]. It better not refer to Victoria finding Bella & Co. in the same darn place they were for the other two books. Seriously??? How hard is it to find you if you never went anywhere?
  • The meadow looks ridiculous. I wish they had done something more organic looking.